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Biking in Cyprus

Cyprus is mountain biking bliss. Exceptional weather conditions nearly all year round. Check the weather on Cyprus to avoid planning your mountain biking holiday during the hottest months in summer. The most excellent months for mountain biking in Cyprus are October-April when temperatures range from 15 – 25 degrees Celsius.

Cyprus is a natural mountain-biking place. Its terrain offers many opportunities for exciting mountain-biking in different tracks, making the island a paradise for the sport’s fans.
Due to the excellent weather conditions as mentioned above, prevailing on the island, cycling sports can be enjoyed almost throughout the year.
But what makes Cyprus stand out as a heaven for cyclists is its compactness. The short distances and diversity of routes mean that there are rapid changes of terrain entailing a variety of different road surfaces from rocky to clay and steep to flat,
and different landscapes combining attractive beaches, modern cities, vineyards and old tranquil villages.

Gravel and tarmac mountain cycling routes lead you into the Cyprus forests where pure air is scented with herbs and pine trees. As soon as you have reached the top of a mountain, the intense blue sea is sparkling in the distance. You can rest at a local kafeneion, visit a medieval chapel or accept seasonal fruits from Cypriots you have never met before.

Add the fact that traffic in rural areas is still very sparse and you will understand why not only holiday mountain bikers but professionals as well come to Cyprus to train for the Tour de France and other races.

The Cycle Club (Podilatokinisis) the Cycling Federation’s own club, organises various non racing cycling activities and events where everyone is welcome to participate. Similar activities are organized also by the Limassol Cycling Club.
The Cyprus Cycling Federation, a member of the International Cycling Union, organizes contests in Spring, like the famous Afxentia mountain bike two stage International Race and in Autumn various other cycling events, in which everyone is welcome to participate (The C.C.F’s annual activities programme is available from the Federation’s Office at the end of January).

The Cyprus Cycling Federation (CCF) organizes local and international races for Road Racing and Mountain biking.

Mountain biking organisations in Cyprus and most probably in your home country offer packages and tours for individual mountain bikers as well as for small groups

You can also bring your own bike and ride off completely by yourself. The Cyprus Tourism Organisation CTO has free maps with mountain biking routes in most common languages.

Biking organizations list:

Wheelie Cyprus Polis +357 99350898

Aliathon Holiday Village Bike Center


+357 26 96 44 00

Anthology Travels & Tours


+357 22 75 77 63

Bike Cyprus

Lemesos (Limassol)

+357 25 63 40 93

Cyprus Cycling Federation

Lefkosia (Nicosia)

+357 22 66 33 44

Cyprus Villages Bike Center


+357 24 33 29 98

Limassol Cycling Club

Lemesos (Limassol)

+357 25 58 59 80

Zephyros Adventure Sports


+357 26 93 00 37

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