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Cyprus Economy

Economy Economic affairs in Cyprus are dominated by the division of the country. The Cypriot economy is prosperous and has diversified in recent years. Cyprus has been sought as a basis for several offshore businesses, due to its highly developed infrastructure. Economic policy of the Cyprus government has focused on meeting the criteria for admission [...]

Safety in Cyprus

Safety A year ago I bought a new mountain bicycle so I could go mountain biking during the summer. So I took my hatchback car to take the bike home from where I bought it. I had to take off the plastic cover which covers the luggage space so the bike would fit. I loaded [...]

Education in Cyprus

Educational Institutions University of Cyprus – Nicosia Educational Institutions Colleges and Universities Cyprus College (taught in English) situated in Nicosia The Cyprus Institute of Marketing situated in Nicosia Cyprus International Institute for the Environment and Public Health in association with Harvard School of Public Health (taught in English) situated in Nicosia Cyprus University of Technology [...]

Public Holidays in Cyprus

Public & National Holidays Carnival March Celebrating Children Public and National Holidays After being there for years , we noticed that Cypriots are very well proud of their traditions and customs, a heritage of years and years back in the days. Part of the traditions and customs of Cypriots are reflected through their public holidays [...]

Important Phone Numbers in Cyprus

Important Phone Numbers International Access Code +357 Cyprus City Area Phone Codes Famagusta +357 23 Larnaca +357 24 Lefkonico +357 23 Limassol +357 25 Nicosia +357 22 Paphos +357 26 Platres +357 25 Polis +357 26 Cyprus Mobile Telephone Codes Areeba 280 10 Cytamobile 280 01 Emergency and Help Ambulance 112/199 Emergency 199 First Aid [...]

Driving in Cyprus

Driving in Cyprus Mountain Roads in Winter English – Greek Road Signs Traffic Police Bringing your own car with you! Cyprus allow you to bring your own car from another country. Visitors wishing to bring their car to Cyprus can do so, for a period up to 3 months provided the car has a valid [...]

Bank in Cyprus

Banks Central Bank of Cyprus One Cypriot Pound Laiki Bank Banks in Cyprus Cyprus is considered a financial haven, considered its place in the region, and the low taxes that the island enjoys. The financial system is robust, and banks are spread all over the country. Greek as well as foreign banks also exist. Bank [...]