Choosing the right club for a night out, it is always a matter of taste and good friends. Summer holidays are very near, so Guide to Cyprus has prepared for you a guide with all the clubs and bars that you can find in the island. They can certainly be your destination for parties and crazy nights



1. Sfinakia

For many years, this club has managed to attract the largest number of people, and this makes it the most successful club of the town. We assure you that any day of the week you decide to go there; you will have a great time! But don’t forget…to dress smartly, because the face control at the entrance is quite hard to pass through.

2. ZOO

The most “IN” club of the capital for the last couple of years. On Fridays and Saturdays the place is packed, with beautiful faces and smartly dressed young teenagers. The music is great, and the renovation that happened recently, gives you another reason to pass by and have a drink. You will definitely not regret it…

3. Shiraz

Located in the heart of the city, Shiraz with its cosy and quirkily environment waits to make you dance until you drop. A prerequisite for you to enter is definitely your age… you should be not less than 25 and of course to have a reservation… Unless you are friends with the guy at the door!!

4. Fusion

5. Scorpios Platinum

6. Lush

7. Versus


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