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How much things cost in Cyprus

Well, when it comes to prices, Cyprus can be the most expensive the country in the World, and astonishingly can be the cheapest country in the world if you take our advice!! We have lived here for the most of our lives and through out the times we learned how to avoid falling in pitfalls; we would like to share this with you also! As advertised, the cost of living in Cyprus is one of the lowest in the European Union. Is this true? Well, if you continue reading you will find out how to enjoy life on the island without thinking about money matters.

If you are just visiting the island, as a tourist, make sure you book your hotel as early as possible. Hotels’ prices can range between 70-300CYP pounds per night for two persons depending on the season and place. Renting a car will save you lots of money as Taxis in Cyprus are considered to be very expensive, especially if you are planning to move around. Make sure you print a map (found in our website) to know your way around. For shopping, try to go to big supermarkets (Orphanides, Metro, Alpha Mega) to shop for you daily consumables as convenient stores will charge you more.  Restaurants are considered to be moderately priced so you can enjoy a burger meal for two persons with salad and a drink for 25CYP. Also be aware to look on the menu prices and to compare them with your bill! Tipping is usual in Cyprus, but if you didn’t get the customer service you were expecting, DON’T PUT TIPS. Most beaches are free from entrance fee, you have to pay for your bed and umbrella, which is about 2 pounds for both per day. Take your cold bottled water with you, and some drinks, and avoid buying them from the hotels that are situated on the beaches. Renting water sports equipment can be fairly expensive, so always look for the cheapest one.

On the other hand, if you are planning to come to live in Cyprus, the most important component that you should have is your own house or flat. Renting a house can be a big burden as rent is considered to be expensive and inconvenient. There are hundreds of developers on the island, from which you can choose your place for living. As Cyprus is the European Union now, you should have no problem in getting a loan to finance your house. Buying a car also is considered to be vital, as public transport in Cyprus is nearly inexistent, or can be very expensive. The following are a brief introduction on the prices of certain things:

Everyday Products

6 bottles of mineral water – 1.69CYP

6 cans of coke – 2.30CYP

Souvlaki Sandwich – 2.50CYP

Gyros Sandwich – 2.50CYP

Medium Pizza – 7.00CYP

A loaf of Bread – 0.80CYP

Petrol – 0.53CYP per litre

Can of Beer – 0.70CYP

Household Products

Regular Washing Machine – 150CYP

Regular Refrigerator – 300CYP

Microwave – 40CYP

Iron – 30CYP

Water Kettle – 15CYP

Sofa/bed – 130CYP

Bed – 139CYP

Houses and Flats

1 Bedroom Flat in the city – 60000CYP + VAT

2 Bedroom Flat in the city – 85000CYP + VAT

3 Bedroom Flat in the city – 100000CYP + VAT

Semi-detached house in the city – 140000CYP + VAT

Detached House in the city – 180000CYP + VAT

On the beached you have to add about 30-35% on the above prices. We would recommend for more information on the prices of the houses and flats in Cyprus.

The car prices are almost the same in any other European Country as well as car insurance and M.O.T. prices.

You can also send us an e-mail at to ask us any question you want related on the cost of living in Cyprus or any price that you might be interested for.

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