While they are not traditional recipe in Cyprus, crepes is very famous throughout the island.

They are French Cuisine Classic, made of a thin pancake look alike, filled with your choice of nutrient, folded like a triangle and served warm.

Fill it with ham and cheese, or just cheese. If you want to have it as a dessert , order it with chocolate (they use Nuttela chocolate most of the times), or nuts. Ice cream and Jam are other famous ingredients that Krepa can be filled with. Choose from the very wide variety of fillers and enjoy you crepes. I myself always take it –Aspri Mavri ke Baskota- which means (white/black chocolate with biscuits). I find it the best. I usually eat it at “Palace De Crepa” in Nicosia.

By the way an average price for crepes is 2.6 Cypriot Pounds. Check Currency Page for Currency Exchange Calculator.

It is easy to find a place that sells crepes; by the way it is called “KREPA” in Cypriot. However, there is a bit of difference in tastes among the cuisines that sells the KREPA, and basically it differs in the thin of the krepa, and for most people and me the thin the Krepa the better  it tastes.

The basic ingredients of a Krepa :






And aside from that, you can choose your own taste of fillers:

Dessert Krepa:


Ice Cream

Chocolate Black/White (my favorite)


And many more of a wide variety you can choose from…

Normal Krepa:



Other meat fillings…

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