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Eating Out

Eating Out

Below is a list of Restaurants and Taverns offering all kinds of cuisines


· African Cuisine

ZEBRA STEAK HOUSE, 43 Klimentos street, 22-458600/22-458601

· Arabic Cuisine

ABU FAYSAL, 31 Klimentos Street, 22-760353

ARABESQUE, 4 Pythagorou Street, 22-317839

EMESSA SYRIAN Restaurant, 26 Ilia Papakyriakou, Engomi, 22-444544

FANOUS, 7C Solonos Street, Pallouriotissa, 22-666663

SAKARA, 35 Metochiou Street, 22-781032

· Chinese Cuisine

BAMBOO, 185 Ledras Street, 22-451111

CHI HSIANG, 32 Kallipoleos Street, 22-757096

CHINA SPICE, 26 Pindarou Street, 22-875875

CHOPSTICKS, 44 Ayias Elenis street, 22-817070

DRAGON, 1 Stasinou Street, 22-591711, 22-591722

KONA KAI, 27 Metochiou Street, 22-773820

PAGODA, 11 Digeni Akrita, 22-878000

YU SHAN, 1 Tompazi & Spiridonos street, Lykavitos, 22-730666

· Fish Taverns

VAROSIOTIS SEAFOOD, 29 Stasandrou Street, 70004243

FAMILY NEST, 4 Keramikis Street, Strovolos, 22-427160

LATSI, 1 Ayiou Paulou, 22-780937

PARAGADI, 3 Niovis Street, Akropoli, 22-491310

PIXYDA, 5 Menandrou Street, 22-445636

PSAROLIMANO Filippos, 7 Tseriou Street, Strovolos, 22-314020

· French Cuisine

AU BON PLAISIR, 103a Gregori Afxentiou, Ayios Dometios, 22-755111

Bagatelle, 16a Kyriakou Matsi Street, 22-317870

· Japanese Cuisine

AKAKIKO, 9a Arch. Makariou III, 77778022

BONZAI, Holiday Inn Hotel, Nicosia, 22-712712

PENINSULA SUSHI, Holiday Inn Hotel, Nicosia, 22-712712

SEIKO, 26-28 Stasikratous street, 77777375

ZEN FUSION, 18 Spyrou Kyprianou Street, 22-755060

· Indian Cuisine

TASTE OF INDIA, 3 Chadj. Kornesiou, Makedonitissa, 22-464100

· Mexican Cuisine

EL PUEBLO, 14 Ouranias Street, Aglanztia, 22-333306

EL TORITO, 39A Kallipoleos Street, 22-757340

· Italian Cuisine

DA PAOLO, 52 C. Palaiologou, 22-438538

Il Forno, 216 Ledras Street, 22-456454

La Pasteria, 9 Spyrou Kyprianou Street, 22-460460

Lorentano, Europa Hotel, Nicosia, 22-692692

Marzano, 27 Diagorou Street, 22-663240

Trattoria Romantica, 13 Euagora Pallikaridi Street, 22-377276

VIVERE, Holiday Inn Hotel, Nicosia, 22-712712

· Spanish Cuisine

Casa Vieja, 3 Arch. Michael Street, 22-673371

· Polynesian Cuisine

PAGO PAGO, Castelli Hotel, Nicosia, 22-712712

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