Ledra Street

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Main shopping area within the ancient city walls is on Ledra Street, a narrow pedestrian street ending at an army post, on the Green Line. The street is lined with many small shops, and some rather good footwear outlets. Several handicraft shops sell silver, copper and lace. There are also department stores selling the latest in fashion, nice cafeterias and snack bars.

For a different experiece you might want to try Macarios avenue., where you will find Stefanel, Benetton, Ermes and Marks&Spencer.

At the corner of Digheni Street and Theodotou Street, south-east of the old city, you will find the open market.

Ledra street and its surrounding areas is a beautiful shopping area within the old city of Nicosia, mostly kept for pedestrians.  There are all sorts of shops ranging from antiques and books to shoes, women clothing and jewellery. One can find large department stores with the latest in cosmetics, clothes and music. You will also find small specialty shops selling arts and crafts, hand made jewellery, souvenirs, etc. For more information you can visit www.e-ledra.com where you can find information about the shops, their unique product offerings and promotions, restaurants, museums, churches and transportation. Even though the area is unfortunately physically divided by barbed wire and sandbags since 1963 www.e-ledra.com virtually reunites this shopping area of around 300 shops. Prior to your visit to the area you can use the map provided to locate a shop, a restaurant, a parking lot or a place of interest and find information on how to cross from south to north and vice versa.  You can even buy on-line.

Visit: www.e-ledra.com


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