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Museums in Cyprus


winemuseum bronzcase75x500 cypironcase

When visiting Cyprus, it is worth going to one or two museums to observe the history of Cyprus. The museums of Cyprus are rich in antiques, treasures, and displays going back the iron and bronze ages. The museums also show many items from the Roman and Byzantine ages.

Museums in Paphos and Paphos District:

Byzantine Museum:
It is full of antiques from the Byzantine period, 7th century. It Includes Byzantine Icons that date back to the 7th, 18th century. It also has the oldest icon found in Cyprus till now 7th or 8th century.
Location: Andrea Ioannou Street, Paphos.

Ethno Graphical museum:
Private Antiques dating back to the days of Neolithic Age till nowadays.
Location: Exo Virsis Street Paphos.

Geroskipou Museum:
Folk arts and Crafts. The name of the village comes from (sacred garden of
Location: Placed in Chatzismith House a couple of miles east of Paphos.

Oleastro Olive Oil Museum:
Olive mill –ecological- and it is also a museum
Location: It is situated in Anogyra between Paphos and Limassol.

Paphos District Archaeological Museum:
Collection of attractive Cypriot objects that goes back to the Neolithic ages till 18th century.
Location: It is located in Griva Digeni, Paphos.

Sanctuary of Aphrodite, Palaipafos Museum, Mediaeval Manor:
Since the 12th century B.C. It is also the site of Aphrodite Sanctuary.
Location: Situated in Kouklia Village couple of Mimles east Paphos, in the Lusignan Manor.

Other Museums found in Paphos are:

Museum of the Mycenaean Colonization of Cyprus:
Location: Situated in MAA Palaiokastro bay in Paphos

Basket weaving Museum:
Location: Ineia- Paphos

Museum in Larnaca and Larnaca District:

Traditional Museum of Embroidery and Silver Smithing (Patsalos Residence).
Location: Larnaca district-40 kilometers from Larnaca.

Kastas Argyrou Museum:
It puts on view the work of the local sculpture Kostas Argyrou.
Location: Larnaca district –Mazotos

Larnaca District Archeological Museum:
It displays art crafts found in Larnaca from the ages of Neolithic times to the Roman period.
Location: Plateia Kalograion- Larnaca

Larnaca Fort-local  District Mediaeval Museum:
Besides that it is  a museum, the Fort holds the Municipal Cultural Center during the summer
.It was built in 1625 and it has been used as a prison in the times of the British rule mainly at the beginning of it.
Location: Larnaca sea front.

Municipal Museum of Natural History:
It’s a showroom for rare birds, animal and insects of Cyprus. Within Larnaca Municipal Gardens (Public Gardens).
Location: Leoforos Grigori Afxentiou – Larnaca

The Pierides Foundation Museum:
It is the oldest privately owned museum in Cyprus. It holds ancient, mediaeval and Byzantine objects that are related to the Pierides Family.
Location: Zinonos Kitieos- Larnaca

Larnaca Municipal Cultural Center:
It has the Municipal Gallery and it is the only Paleontology Museum in Cyprus, where the ancient fossilized remains of pygmy elephants and hippopotami that once lived on the island can be seen.
The Center also has amenities for special presentations and exhibitions.
Location: Sea Front, Plateia Evropis – Larnaca

Other Museums found in Larnaca are:

Agios Lazaros Ecclesiastical Museum

Plateia Agiou Lazarou

Museums in Limassol and Limassol District

Limassol District Archeological Museum:
A collection of attention-grabbing antique objects dating back to the Neolithic Ages till the Roman phase.
Location: Kanningos & Vyronos street. Near the Old port – Limassol

Municipal Folk Art Museum:
An old house that was restored, now it is a showroom for a gorgeous collected works of folk art. The items belong to 19th and early 20th century.
Location: Agiou Andreou – Limassol

Cyprus Mediaeval Museum:
That is where Richard the Lion heart got married to Berengaria and made her Queen of England.
Location: Mediaeval castle, Richard and Berengaria St. near the Old Port of Limassol.

Cyprus wine Museum:
It presented in an old traditional stone build, and shows  the history of  traditional wine making in Cyprus. Location: Ermi, Limassol

Kurion Archeological Site:
It includes the ruins of a Graeco-Roman theatre which are fully restored, the house of Eustolios , public baths, the house of Achilles and the house of Gladiators including mosaic floors.
Location: Episkopi Village .Couple of miles to the west of Limassol

Kurion Archeological Museum:
It is an old house that has inside the archeological finds from nearby Kurion Sites. It has the
Largest collection of icons on the island and it also houses oil paintings, maps and lithographs.
Episkopi Village .Couple of miles to the west of Limassol.

Old Port Sea Sponges Exhibition Center Ltd.:
Natural Loafs, Sea Sponges, soaps and beauty products can be found there. It is also an Exhibition Center.
Location: Old Port, Limassol

Ethno Graphic Museum Of Cyprus:
Set up in an attractive house, its displays a compilation of finds from close by archeological sites.
Plateia Kyprianou-Limassol

Museums in Agya Napa

Pieredes Foundation, Marine Life Museum:
Location: Agias marvis, within the premises of Agya Napa Municipality. – Agya Napa

Museums in Nicosia and Nicosia District

Byzantine Museum and Art Galleries:
A large collection of icons, from the ages of 9th-18th century AD. Oil Paintings, maps as well as lithographs are also displayed there.
Archbishopric Makarios III Foundation Cultural Center, Kyprianou.

Cyprus Classic Motorcycle Museum:
It houses classic motorcycle that’s ages go back to the period between (1914-1983). It exhibits more than a hundred of classical motorcycles.
Location: Granikou Street, Nicosia.

Cyprus Museum: Archeological
Cypriot Antiques and treasures , they are the most important trasures and antiques in Cyprus (very charming) from the Neolithic ages till the beginning of Byzantine phase. 14 galleries.
Location: Mouseiou Street – Nicosia

Cyprus Museum:
It has Archological displays that belongs to the early Neolithic ages till the Roman times.
Location: Museum Street, Nicosia.

Cyprus Museum of Natural History:
Location: Old Limassol-Nicosia road at the Carlsberg factory.

Cyprus Postal Museum:
From year 1800 and onwards , the collection of Stamps.
Location: Agiou Savva.

Ethnographic Museum of Cyprus:
A variety of Cyrpiot collection Folk Arts. It includes embroidery, wood carved objects, national costumes, and much more of attractive traditional arts. 
Location: Plateia Arch, Kyprianou

Ledra Museum Observatory:
Enjoy the Panoramic views of Nicosia.
Shakolas Building, Ledra Street.

Leventis Municipal Museum:
It is a very historical Museum. It helps display and show the life in the Nicosia capital from ancient ages to the nowadays.
Location: Ippokratous Street, Laiki Geitonia, Nicosia

National Struggle Museum:
National Liberation Struggle photos and documents.
Location: Kyprianou near Archbishopric.

Other Museums in Nicosia:

Cyprus Jewelers’ Museum

Byzantine Heritage Museum Palaichori

Fikardou-Rural Museum

Museum of the History of Cypriote Coinage:

Natural History Museum-Aglantzia

Pancyprian Geographical Museum

Pedoulas Byzantine Museum

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