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Bedrock in Agia Napa

Night Life In Cyprus

Cyprus is a place for everyone. No wonder why tourists visit Cyprus form all over the globe. Night life in Cyprus can mean everything -Next Ibiza- as some one called it!. One can go out for dinner, play bowling, watch a movie, go for a walk alongside the beach, or have a drink or two in one of the many wonderful pubs and night clubs out there. You want to dance all night long?? Why not, you are in Cyprus, that’s completely possible. You will never get bored.

Generally, coffee shops and some of the pubs have large screen projection TV’s where you can watch while you eat or drink. Others have live music on regular basis every night. And for people who prefer DJ’s music, Cyprus night life will not let them down, for there are many places that offer DJ based music. In one sentence; Cyprus night life is fantastic. The many options available are perfect for any kind of – your choice – How you like to spend the night out!!!

Small tourist cities like Agya Napa and Protaras are much more alive at night than other larger cities like Nicosia (the capital) and Larnaca. This is due to the tourist characteristics of those small cities where tourists go for those places to enjoy their vacation and holidays.

Let’s start with the night life in true night life places: Agya Napa and Protaras.


There is a long road with all the bars and restaurants on it.

Protaras is less wild and fuzzy at night than its neighbor Agya Napa. Its originally how the locals call it –Family Oriented. Its a holiday spot.

According to our experience and other peoples’ experiences we list some of the good places we liked and go there frequently.

In the Prenera area, there are the Knights Pub (live music) with good food. And the Nautilus Inn for a more relaxed evening.

Greenery in the main Protaras area is a nice place to visit and Fools And horses is a nice place too. Try the Kartanas restaurant in the Prenera area for good chicken and mezze .

Steak and Ale house are of a good choice too for the steak as the name implies. Anatolia too is very famous on the main street of Protaras for its huge selection of mezze.

Only Friends Club which serves English food and non-stop DVDs for Friends Show. Nicolas Tavern, traditional Cypriot tavern with Cypriot food, the food they serve is so good and you can call it –huge meals.

Diva, the more expensive serves great fresh fish.

Agya Napa

Thought there are some dress codes for some pubs (a very few), usually there is no dress code.-The less clothes the better

Clubs range from house and garage music to original 70′s disco style. You will often find people dancing on the bars – though it is very rare that the average Cypriot will be up there with you (even when it is them that drags you up in the first.) Agy Napa is different from Protaras in terms of night life. Agya Napa is considered the nightlife heaven. You can dance all the night till the next morning and I mean next morning. Famous Clubs and pubs don’t close until the next morning. So if you want to really enjoy a loud dancing fun night , Agya Napa must be your choice.

Try out the COYOTES bar they have nice cocktails and music. If you want more music , try out the Senior Frogs Bar. Senior Frogs says that “if u didn’t know how to party before, come to Senior Frogs and you sure will know “how to” when you leave.” So I guess that explains all!

Well you should expect this meaning of partying in Agya Napa. Not to forget that there is that square in Agya Napa that keeps for late nights from 12 am till 7 am next morning.

Try out the River Raggae but don’t get there before 4 am.

Trotters, Bedrock (Flintstones themed), Car wash (70’s, 80’s music) and the Organ Grinder are all among the other famous pubs and bars in Agya Napa. Black and White, Pezzaz are also very recommended from other people who went there.

Beach Parties are also very common to see in Agya Napa. It’s so amazing and wonderful, where you can dance on the beats of the music along the beach till you get exhausted.

List of the other clubs in Agya Napa

Castle Club, Titanic Pub, Hollywood boulevard, Fluid Club, Mambo Bar, Monkey business, Zic Zac Club,liquid, Rise Club ,Planet Club, Buzz Bar, Lost City Club, Volt Pub , Chicago Rock Inn, , Ice Ku Club, Starskys Disco,Abyss Club Kahlua bar, and Nap Dream Pub.

Enjoy yourself in Agya Napa.


Most of the pubs, bars and discos are found in the Kyrenia area, lining the harbor.

Acmenya Restaurant & Bar, Ani Restaurant & Bar, Andy’s Chicken Bar, Aphrodite Restaurant, Arc Café, Ayna Restaurant Bar, Billy’s Wine & Sports Bar, Boaters Restaurant & Bar, Brasserie Restaurant & Bar , Busters Restaurant & Bar, Café 34 ,Café Akpinar, Café Dukkan, Carpenter’s, Castle Pub, Cheers Bar & Restaurant, Corner Bar, Crows’s Nest , Eagles Nest, Halikarnas Restaurant & Bar, Happy Garden Restaurant & Bar, Happy Valley Restaurant & Bar, Hoots Restaurant & Bar, Hut Bar, Huzuragac Restaurant & Bar, Kate O’Reilley’s Bar & Restaurant, Marlborough Pub, Night Jar Pub & Disco, O’Sullivan’s Bar & Restaurant,
Old Mill, Old Tunnel, Pine Bay Bar, Polar Restaurant & Bar, Prince Inn, Road House Bar Restaurant, Roxannes Bar & Grill, Saint Tropez, Sam’s Place Pub, Shirley Valantines Bar & Restaurant, St. Kathleen’s Restaurant & Bar, Three Cheers Bar.

Larnaca discos:

Night Jar Pub & Disco, Shakers Music Bar and Disco.


Reckless bar in the heart of Nicosia night life if you like the electric mix music then that would be your choice of bars. Ithaki venue too is a nice place to hang out at night; it is located in the old town of Nicosia.

What people said about Nicosia night life:

Nostalji is a popular bar, which has been in existence for a long time now. The place used to be a movie theater back in the day. Local bands play on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Fridays are usually reserved for rock/alternative. Pop/latin music lovers should wait for Saturdays. The crowd is of mixed age. The music is pretty good – actually one of the best live performances you can enjoy regularly in Cyprus. There is a cover charge (about 5 Euros) on Fridays and Saturdays. The first drink (soda, beer or local spirits) is included with the cover.

Babylon Bar This bar is set in a house surrounded by a beautiful garden. The perfect place to be when the temperature is soaring at night. I would recommend to arrive early in order to have a table and enjoy it before the crowd descend from about ten thirty onwards. In the winter it makes it a nice cozy place everybody being inside and the music is quite good. The only thing to keep in mind is this place being a bit more expensive

The Zoo, is apparently the best club. Or so everyone keeps telling me. The music is nice and so is the atmosphere. The people are friendly.

‘PLATOS’. A bar more or less like BABYLON but the music is mainly blues and jazz. Another place where you can find many kinds of beers and you can also eat something. No dress code.

Messogeos Greek and international music club in Nicosia on two levels with the upper level dedicated to loud modern music and the lower level for quieter, more chilled music.

These are the most enjoyed by people who went to Nicosia. But there are many many others like Enallax, Agora club, and Kava Mandali serves greek music (nice). Marttini’s night club serves French and international food

The problem with Nicosia night life is that everything closes at 3-3:30 am when its time to start having fun.

Just look smart like how Cypriots do when there is no dress code and you will surely have fun.


Since limassol (limassos in Cypriot) is a tourist city like agya napa and protaras , you can notice the large number of pubs ,clubs and bars in there. Limassol doesn’t sleep, if I can say so , since most bars clubs and pubs don’t close till early in the mornings.

Stamna Tavern traditional music with friendly service and home cooked dishes.

Drifters Bar and Grill (great atmosphere) its for all occasions.

Basement, Fabrique, replay, Privilege, Garffiti lounge bar, pepe nero, Pebbeles bar and café, Breeze bar ,gioia, tripers,drifters ,city pride,Malibu and welcome inn, Step inn, Hamlet, The Woodman Pub, Draught Microbrewery, Chesters ,Jacare too, Sesto Senso, Elliandio Ellite

Zygos Gentelmens Club is a Limassol based gentlemens club with live shows from over 20 beautiful girls from around the world. Open from 9.00PM until late at Makarios Avenue.


Friends recommendations were:

When you are in Paphos and are looking for a place to go out in the evening or just hang out in daytime, try the PitStop bar. There are numerous pubs and bars in Paphos, as one would expect from a tourist place, but the reasons I chose this one are: 1) very friendly and funny staff and 2) very competitive prices. Stop at the PitStop and recharge your batteries

Thought found in an adult spot but Sense Bar is in Coral Bay it is not on the strip and it is a mixture of locals and tourists. Because it is away from the main part, there are less tourists behaving badly here. the music is constant, but like a chill out room type vibe. More often than not, fashion TV is on the big screens without sound for background watching. This is a proper drinking, socializing good vibe lounge. And all this without being pretentious. This is where you will try a local drink such as Zavania or Commandria.

Rainbow Disco: Probably the oldest and one of the best clubs in Paphos …but then again there isn’t much in the way of competition!! If u go in any time before 1.30am u look a bit of a fool as things don’t get going till at least 2am!! Girls usually get in for free, but if they can take money off you, they generally will. Drinks are expensive, very expensive and be prepared to nudge shoulders with old sleazy blokes over at the bar sipping whisky. Generally a good club especially if u like a bit of R ‘n’ B, trance and garage

Robin Hood bar is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Paphos, partly because of its great position (in the very centre of the “nightlife street”, so you can’t miss it wherever you go), partly because of its appearance (it is a kitchy, flashy “replica” of a medieval castle), but mostly because of the general atmosphere which is always very pleasant. The place is frequented both by locals and tourists, the music is different every night, the coctails are yummy and, generally speaking, Robin Hood is a great place to spend a fun evening at.

How to describe Bubbles, every teenagers dream come true? Young boys who serve you strangely watered down drinks for stupid prices. Beverages from the UK are sold. It has the best atmosphere of many bars I have ever been to.

Starsky and Hutch: Absolutely brilliant, yet totally cheesy 70′s and 80′s old fashioned disco. Dance the night away to those famous ‘Wham’, ‘Abba’ and ‘Michael Jackson’ tunes. You can even buy one of those hideous big coloured wigs or some other sparkling accessory to get you in the mood for dancing! Good selection of drinks, though quite expensive, largish dance floor, gets busy after 1am.

Splash bar is also quiet nice. The Splash justifies its name with a small but very nice swimming pool right in the middle of it (unfortunately, operating in daytime only). They do all sorts of drinks and coctails, but I don’t think they serve any snacks . A swimming suit would be useful :)

Woodyz Cocktail Bar: This wild lively bar is just bursting with atmosphere and good spirit! Buzzing with the latest R’n'B this bar attracts both locals and tourists and is without a doubt one of the coolest bars in Paphos! It has a generously sized dance floor and a large bar serving every kind of delicious concoction thought about! Located in a perfect position in the centre of Bar Street, you can sit inside or outside. There’s usually someone around offering a couple of free shots

Just go there after 20:00 and you will find anything you want, and I mean anything.


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