Weddings in Cyprus

Wedding Marriages in Cyprus are legally recognized worldwide including in the UK, Ireland, Russia, Europe, Israel and N. America & most other countries. Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite (Greek Goddess of love), also offers a perfect backdrop for couples wishing to marry. Convenient marriage laws and spectacular wedding locations make Cyprus a truly great destination [...]


Clubbing Choosing the right club for a night out, it is always a matter of taste and good friends. Summer holidays are very near, so Guide to Cyprus has prepared for you a guide with all the clubs and bars that you can find in the island. They can certainly be your destination for parties [...]


DVD Shops DVD Shops Summer or Winter, Day or night, if you decide to spend your time home to relax, Cyprus has the solution! DVD Shops are scattered in almost every neighbourhood in Cyprus. Recently, 24 hours DVD shops are also opening where you can rent DVD’s through vending machines. All types of movies in [...]


Ledra Street Main shopping area within the ancient city walls is on Ledra Street, a narrow pedestrian street ending at an army post, on the Green Line. The street is lined with many small shops, and some rather good footwear outlets. Several handicraft shops sell silver, copper and lace. There are also department stores selling [...]


Tavli You can never miss the sound of the counters tapping against wood when sitting in a traditional Cypriot café. The same sound is clearly noticed also when walking along pavement cafés.  What is this? It is called Tavli, the Cypriot edition of Backgammon! Well to be honest Tavli has been played in Cyprus since [...]


Biking in Cyprus Cyprus is mountain biking bliss. Exceptional weather conditions nearly all year round. Check the weather on Cyprus to avoid planning your mountain biking holiday during the hottest months in summer. The most excellent months for mountain biking in Cyprus are October-April when temperatures range from 15 – 25 degrees Celsius. Cyprus is [...]

Cypriot National Parks

National Parks Trodoos National Forest Park National Parks Trodos National Forest Park With an area of 93 Km2, Trodos National Forest Park was declared as such, while four areas within the park were declared as National Reserves. It is covered mainly by natural black pine and brutia pine forests. The Park is a unique area [...]

Paintball in Cyprus

Paintball Game Introduction: It’s a very popular game world wide where millions of people in more than forty countries worldwide engage in this game. It is action packed. And Cyprus is one of the countries who is famous for its huge game fields. This highly competitive game is for adventure loving competitive people. No matter [...]

Nightlife in Cyprus

Night Life Wild Party Foam Party Bedrock in Agia Napa Night Life In Cyprus Cyprus is a place for everyone. No wonder why tourists visit Cyprus form all over the globe. Night life in Cyprus can mean everything -Next Ibiza- as some one called it!. One can go out for dinner, play bowling, watch a [...]

Cinemas in Cyprus

Cinemas Looking for a relaxing but enjoyable night? You don’t have to think a lot. Visit one of the cinemas in the city and enjoy the newest box office movies. In the capital there are three cinemas – Zena Palace, Pantheon and the newly built state of the art K-Cineplex. Before K-Cineplex was built, we [...]