Waterparks in Cyprus

Water Parks Water World Park Paphos Water Park A visit to the island without organising a trip to the water parks here won’t count! Water World Water Park the biggest themed park in Europe is located in Agia Napa. You have to be prepared for an unforgettable day with splashing, sliding, surfing, racing, and even [...]

Dancing Water show, Protaras

Dancing Water Show Everyone who visited the Dancing Water Show in Protaras talked and still talks about it. Is it wonderful? No it is much more than fantastic, stunning and very amusing. It is really fun to see the water dances according to the music, with colored lights, smoke, lasers, fire and of course dancing [...]

Language in Cyprus

Greek Language Guide Worried about not being understood? Nervous about finding your way around? Not sure about the food? Just flick through the page to find the information you need .Or print this quick-reference guide that will help you make the most of your stay in Cyprus. The word for Cyprus is Keepros – ΚΥΠΡΟΣ [...]

Folklore Dances

Folklore Dances Before I start talking about what dances Cypriots perform, I would like to express the feelings I have every time I watch traditional Cypriot dance perform. The traditional multicolored clothes, the remarkable music and the energetic moves of dancers make it only one of its kind. It is stunning. I attended several ceremonies [...]

Etiquette in Cyprus

Cypriot Etiquette General information about Cypriot Etiquette I noticed. Cypriots are very grateful people. You will notice that you are always welcomed when you are there. Cypriot is very “Greek” if I may say that. Moreover, People there are as sweet as the weather of the Mediterranean island! So amazing! Some scientists say that the [...]

Cyprus: Ancient Myths

Ancient Myth Cyprus is the legendary birthplace of the goddess of beauty and love, the beautiful Aphrodite (also known as Kypris or the Cyprian). According to Hesiod‘s Theogony, the goddess emerged fully grown from the sea where the severed genitals of the god Uranus were cast by his son, Kronos, causing the sea to foam [...]

Cyprus Geography

Geography Geography of cyprus The third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea (after Sicily and Sardinia), Cyprus is geographically situated in the eastern Mediterranean and just south of the Anatolian peninsula (or Asia Minor) of the Asian mainland; thus, it is commonly included in the Middle East. Turkey is 75 kilometres (47 miles) north; other [...]

Hospitals in Cyprus

Hospitals General Hospital in Paphos Cyprus Hospitals Urban hospitals (Phone Numbers) Nicosia New General Hospital- Nicosia Nicosia Old General Hospital Makario Hospital- Nicosia Limassol New General Hospital- Limassol Limassol Old General Hospital- Limassol Larnaca New General Hospital- Larnaca Larnaca Old General Hospital- Larnaca Paphos General Hospital – Paphos Rural hospitals and medical centres Agros Akaki [...]

Cyprus Economy

Economy Economic affairs in Cyprus are dominated by the division of the country. The Cypriot economy is prosperous and has diversified in recent years. Cyprus has been sought as a basis for several offshore businesses, due to its highly developed infrastructure. Economic policy of the Cyprus government has focused on meeting the criteria for admission [...]

The cost of shopping in Cyprus

How Much Things Cost Daily Products How much things cost in Cyprus Well, when it comes to prices, Cyprus can be the most expensive the country in the World, and astonishingly can be the cheapest country in the world if you take our advice!! We have lived here for the most of our lives and [...]