Paintball in Cyprus

Paintball Game


It’s a very popular game world wide where millions of people in more than forty countries worldwide engage in this game. It is action packed. And Cyprus is one of the countries who is famous for its huge game fields. This highly competitive game is for adventure loving competitive people. No matter their age, their social status, or their profession, as long as you like adventure (male or a female doesn’t matter), and you have the guts, go play paintball in one of Cyprus’s large gaming fields.

What is paintball game?

It is usually an out-door game but sometimes it is played in an indoor arena.

Adventurers are usually divided into two teams. Supplied with air guns, paintballs and other extra materials like special protection eye glasses, the two teams hit the field. An ordinary game would capturing the enemy’s flag and re-attach it to you flag without being eliminated by the other team. Expect to be fired at hard and in surprising times and ways! When a paintball hits a player, it splits out causing a paint mark on that player thus eliminating the player from the game.

What is a paintball?

A round thin gelatin filled with non toxic colored fluid that is biodegradable and water soluble. So it is not harmful. And paint can be washed out with soap and water.

When the paintball hits an object it splits and paint is spread forming a colored spot on the object.

Paintball in Cyprus:

Paintball stated legal in Cyprus in May, 2004.

Cypriots enjoy paintball and there are many nice fields in the island. The weather itself also, makes it Cyprus a great place for playing paintball out in the forest, mountain or else where! Cyprus’s fields offer range of game scenarios like storming a castle, mock battles around makeshift villages and even paintball battles by floodlight.

Moreover, Cyprus holds and arranges tournaments for this game and there are many famous teams who usually play and compete in tournaments and cups.

Private reservation of fields is quiet usual but it is required that you call or just go there and reserve the field or ask about required arrangements or ongoing games.

Game fields in Cyprus:


Paintball War Zone
Nicosia, Latsia

Nicosia Cyprus Nicosia Paintball Field


KWEST Cyprus Paint Park
Larnaca 6305


Paintball Cyprus Limassol Paintball Field

Village Paintball Fields


DNA Paintball field
+357 99620920

Paintball City
Mesogi, Paphos
+357 26 813 999


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