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Rent a Car

Rent A Car

There are lots of rent a car companies in Cyprus offering competitive rates. Most companies will offer a range of vehicles to rent at varying rates. It also depends on the season; in the summer the rates climb significantly. All companies also provide full insurance on the vehicles. You will need a driving license or International Driving permit and have to be over 21 years old.

Agia Napa Car Hire

Aresti Georgios                             23721825 
Astra Self-Drive Cars Ltd                23832447 
Astra Self-Drive Cars Ltd                23832447 
Avis Cyprus                                 23721844 
Avis Cyprus                                 23833933 
Budget Rent A Car                                     23721260  
Budget Rent A Car                                     23832765 
Dippose Ltd                                 23721844 
Europcar Cyprus                           23832245 
Force Rent A Car                          23722620 
Gdk Rent A Car Ltd                                    23832765 
H & M Happiness Rent A Car Ltd                   23722580 
Happiness Rent A Car Ltd               23722580 
Hertz Rent A Car                           23721836 
Hertz Rent A Car                           23831737 
Holiday Autos                               23832575 
Kyriakides Bros Motors Ltd              23721780 
Kyriakoudes Andreas Enterprises                  23722620 
Lma Touristc Ltd                           23721830 
Loizou Michalakis                          23825242 
Mg Car Hire Ltd                            23721151  
Melissas Pavlos                             23721836 
Petsas A & Sons Ltd                                  23721260 
Siakkas & Papaleontiou Car Rental    23722522 
Stavrou Panayiota                                     23721949 
Stavrou Panayiota                                     23962214 
The Drivers Car Hire                                   23722522 
Tktheko Rent A Car                                   23721031 
The Drivers Car Hire                                   23722522 
Viking Self Drive                            23721949 
Zorbas Car Hire                            23962214 

Paphos Car Hire

Europcar Cyprus                           99515157 
Agapinor Taxi                               26949825 
Akamas Car Hire                           26948300 
Andreas Georgiou & Son Car Rental  26933696 
Anthimou Lakis                             26943240 
Avis Cyprus                                 26943230 
Bella Rentals Ltd                           26936944 
Best Direct Deals                          99632125 
Budget Car Rental                         26953824 
C & S Julius Car Rentals Ltd                        26945294 
Charlie's Rent A Car                                   26943275 
Christodoulou Andreas                   26933545 
Christodoulou Nestor                                  26935919 
Christoforou Christos                                 26935314 
Cinyras Car Rentals Ltd                  26943843 
Country Wide                               26964270
Cy-Breeze Rentals                                     26949612 
Dk Kyrenia Estates Ltd                   26935824 
Demetriou Cleopas                                     26932279 
Demetriou Stelios                          26221095 
Demosthenous Georgios                 26937175 
Diprose Ltd                                  26943230 
Doros Rent A Car                          26935823 
Efstathiou George                         26945660 
Efstathiou Tg Rent A Car                26933852 
Eleftheriou Polydoros K                   26935823 
Europcar Cyprus                           26941850 
Forum Rentals                              26942191 
Gdk Rent A Car Ltd                                    26953824 
Geko Tours Ltd                             26932019 
Genesis Car Hire                           26945327 
George A                                                 26933696 
Georgiou Andreas Motors Ltd                       26933696 
Georgiou Demetrios                                    26933786 
Hertz Rent A Car                           26933985 
Hector Rentals                             26949211 
Holiday Autos                               26936944 
Ioannides Gli Ltd                           26932464 
Kinyras Car Rentals Ltd                  26943843 
Koursaros Chrysostomos                 26946926 
Leda Travel Ltd - Leptos P             26935675 
Leos Cars Rentals                         26933770 
Louis Self Drive Cars                                  26933320 
Max Rentals Paphos                                   26935834 
Mekan Rent A Car                         26933545 
Metaxas Car Hire                          26321170 
Ntk Rentals                                  26946986 
Nevada Rent A Car                                    26942217 
Neophytou Na Cypro-Rentals                       26221658 
Neophytou Na Cypro-Rentals                       26322098 
Nestor Car Rentals Ltd                   26942311 
Nestoros Car Rentals                                 26942727 
Nicos Car Hire                              26935613 
Opsimos Leo                                26946161 
P & S Car Rentals                          26946884 
Paforentals                                  26947058 
Paris Rent A Car                           26932051 
Pentaras Is Rentals Ltd                  26941965 
Petsas A & Sons Ltd                                  26945146 
Philippides Christos                                    26936273 
Photiou A (Bikes & Cars)                 26933886 
Shikkis Ath Motors                                     26945700 
Socrates Car Hire                          26942672 
Stemma Rent A Car                                   26945274 
Thames Rent Cars Ltd                                26223043 
Themistocleous A Shikkis Motors                  26933740 
Thrasyvoulou Thrasos                                26942727 
Top Tours Ltd                              26942257 
Touloupos Neophytos                                 26938207 
Toyota Rent A Car                                    26960600 
Trans Car Hire Ltd                         26932937 
Wheels Rentals                             26937175 
Yiangou John Rentals Ltd                26321963
Z & X Drivers Rentals Ltd                26945222

Larnaca Car Hire

Astra Self Drive Cars Ltd                            24643203 
Avis Cyrpus                                              24643120 
Budget Car Rental                                     24643293 
Europcar Cyprus                                       99624479 
Hertz Rent A Car                                       24643388 
Holiday Autos                                           24643466 
Leos Car Rentals                                       24643375 
Thames Rent A Car Ltd                  24643044 
Antoyia Rentals Ltd                                   24624632  
Arian Car Rentals Ltd                                 24651333 
Astra Self-Drive Cars Ltd                24624422 
Avis Rent A Car                            24657132 
Budget Car Rental                         24629170 
Champion Rental Cars Ltd               24655504 
Clever Shipping & Air Services                     24658990 
Demetriou Demetris                                   24644680 
Demis Rent A Car                          24623617 
Eleftheriou Polydoros                                 24644696 
Emilianou Panicos                          24656661 
Europcar Cyprus                           24645590 
Fivos Car Rental                           24656592
Gdk Rent A Car Ltd                                    24629170 
Gerasimou Georgios                                   24652886 
Hertz Rent A Car                           24655145 
Leos Car Rentals Ltd                                  24658688 
Loucas Rent A Car Ltd                               24656763 
Louis Self Drive Cars                                  24652232 
Manolis A Car Hire Ltd                                24624166 
Manos Car                                               24624166 
Nuway Car Rentals Ltd                   24422062 
Panipsos Ltd                                24662660  
Paratheo Car Hire Ltd                                 24629428 
Patsalides Travel                          24655301 
Petsas A & Sons Ltd                                  24623033 
Phoenix Rent A Car Ltd                  24623407 
Prentzas Chryssis                          24624944 
Princess Rent A Car                                   24659416 
Ranger Rentals Ltd                                    24651878 
Sph Super Rent A Car Ltd               24622111 
Stevens Rental Cars Ltd                 24656204 
Thames Rent Cars Ltd                                24656333 
Thrifty Rent A Car Ltd                                24625177 
Toyota Rent A Car                                    24636488 
Yiasou (Travel & Car Rentals) Ltd                 24658350 

Nicosia Car Hire (South Part)

Airtour-Cyprus Travel Agency                      22450403 
Anneli Rentals Caras Ltd                 22457025  
Astra Self-Drive Cars Ltd                22775800 
Avis Cyprus                                 22713333 
Bsc Better Service Cars Ltd                        22451558 
British Airways                              22442188 
Chrysan Car Rentals                                  22425064 
Constantinou Yiannakis                  22435330 
Dega Rent A Car Ltd                                  22465823 
Demstar Leisure Ltd-Pmelissas                     22477411 
Eurodollar/Glamico Ltd                    22462064 
Europcar Cyprus                           22338226 
Geofil Self Drive Cars                                 22754428 
Groutas A Co                               22473172 
Hertz Rent A Car (Hq)                                22777411  
Hilides Z Cars                               22432192 
Holiday Autos                               22338391 
Julianna M Rental Cars Ltd              22459620 
K & I Self-Drive Cars Ltd                            22421402 
Kyrenia Car Hire Ltd                                   22421858 
Leas Auto Rent                                         22774830 
Limani Car Hire Ltd                                    22429457 
Loizides Brothers Ltd                                  22443213  
Louis Self Drive Cars Ltd                             22442114 
M & N Tofaros Rent A Car Ltd          22769158 
Mr Rentals Ltd                                          22315887 
Manoli Antonis (Car Hire) Ltd                       22498285 
Manos Car                                               22421924 
Mastrappas Savvas P                                 22380350 
Ntk Rentals                                              22459406 
Nuway Car Rentals Ltd                               22663712 
Olvia Travel Ltd                                        22445998 
Panayiotou & Palekanos                              22447400 
Pandelis & Son (Self Drive) Ltd                    22774613 
Petsas A & Sons Ltd                                  22462650 
Security Travel Ltd                                    22427762 
Shiahini Rental Cars Ltd                              22435510 
Silestia Transport Ltd                                 22444606 
Stylianou P                                              22462906 
Tofarou Maria                                           22769156 
Toyota Rent-A-Car                                    22353053 
Varianos Phoebus & Son Ltd            22472772 
Vassiliou Bros                                           22375500 

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