Safety in Cyprus


A year ago I bought a new mountain bicycle so I could go mountain biking during the summer. So I took my hatchback car to take the bike home from where I bought it. I had to take off the plastic cover which covers the luggage space so the bike would fit. I loaded the bike and forgot the cover on the pavement unintended! I remembered it the next day, I went there with no hope to find it…but I did!

That was just a simple example which shows Cyprus as a very low crime rate country compared to other European countries. For example crime rate in Cyprus is only 6% of the UK crime rate! The low crime rate among Cypriots is related to the traditional characteristics of the island and to the strong family ties among people; anyone committing a crime would bring dishonor to his family and as family centered society that would be very unacceptable. Drunk people driving cars are also rare to find, due to strict police monitoring and social un-acceptance.

A safe country is likely to be a place of interest for tourists as well as investors. Property buying in Cyprus is increasing year after year.

If you are a first time visitor, you will surprisingly notice that scooters( small motorbikes) are left in the streets unlocked. Moreover, people rarely lock their houses and cars. So its likely that you find car windows open, doors left unlocked etc…

The Cypriot people are friendly, sincere, and respectful that’s why tourists come back year after year.

Generally speaking, Cyprus is one of the safest countries in Europe and the Middle East. As a matter of fact, there is no known road rage, drive shooting, kidnapping, etc…

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