You can never miss the sound of the counters tapping against wood when sitting in a traditional Cypriot café. The same sound is clearly noticed also when walking along pavement cafés.  What is this? It is called Tavli, the Cypriot edition of Backgammon!

Well to be honest Tavli has been played in Cyprus since ages, and the game is now popular all over the world but with strong ties to its origin-Cyprus.

Usually when you are sitting in Cypriot café it is expected that you witness Tavli being played there for enjoyment and time passing. You will see players get pleasure from this game along with a traditional Cypriot coffee on the table. Sometimes you will be invited to play with them, as I don’t have to remind you that Cypriots are friendly people.

The most common thing on the island is to see old Cypriot people sitting on the café pavement with small tables playing Tavli and drinking traditional coffee. So if you want to taste a good Cypriot coffee this is the perfect place.

There, people share their stories and past. Old people like to talk and they always tell great storied about their past life and villages other than that they exchange news and gossip!

Rules of the game: each player’s counters should be returned home from the start point. When they are in home position, successive throws of the double dice allows the removal of the counters. Any player removes the counters first…Wins.

Important words to notice:

Kafenio: Traditional Cypriot coffee house
Tavli: the Cypriot backgammon edition
Sketo: Traditional Cypriot coffee



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