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Water World Park

Paphos Water Park

A visit to the island without organising a trip to the water parks here won’t count! Water World Water Park the biggest themed park in Europe is located in Agia Napa. You have to be prepared for an unforgettable day with splashing, sliding, surfing, racing, and even eating in the park. Water World, has everything for the whole family, from thrilling slides to the lazy lake. The exciting thing about this park is that all the rides are named after the Greek Gods, so not only you will enjoy your day, but you will also learn about the Greek history. The entrance fee for adults is 16 pounds and for children 8 pounds. The park usually opens at the beginning of April, and closes by November.

The second park which is family oriented is called Fassouri Water Park in Limassol. The park is built on the same principal as Water World, but it suits families with children more. Huge areas of green grass with chairs are found where you can sit, relax, read your newspaper and drink you Frappe, while your children are having fun in the water. The entrance fee is somewhat cheaper for adults 10 pounds and children 6 pounds.

You will be feeling hungry all the time, as the smell of burgers and hot dogs will be running after you from the restaurants. The parks serve excellent food, as well as sweets and fruits. For this reason food from outside is not allowed in the park. Of course, they will not search what you are bringing in your bag, but it won’t be very nice to be eating Mc Donalds inside, while the restaurant is indeed serving burgers!

Lockers are also offered for customers to keep their personal belongings. The rent is 3 pounds per lockers, but they give them back to you when you return the keys (for free in other words!). You can also shop from a bathing suit to souvenirs from the shops there. At Fassouri, a photographer walks around the park and takes pictures of people who are enjoying themselves. You can then purchase your picture for a 1 pound which makes it an unforgettable memory.

For more information, visit: http://www.fasouri-watermania.com and http://www.waterworldwaterpark.com/

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