Dancing Water show, Protaras

Dancing Water Show

Everyone who visited the Dancing Water Show in Protaras talked and still talks about it. Is it wonderful? No it is much more than fantastic, stunning and very amusing.
It is really fun to see the water dances according to the music, with colored lights, smoke, lasers, fire and of course dancing water all mixed together to form a well worth seeing water show. The colored, lighted, water dances according the music which changes from one type to another. It changes from Greek to classic and modern.


It is a very important matter that you reserve for the show before you go. In summer season (high season) where tourist are very likely to travel to Cyprus, the tickets are usually sold out early since the show starts at night and people try to reserve a table before its too late for the show. It happened many times that friends of mine go there without reservation, and find out that all the tickets are sold out, or they miss the show as they get there too late.

Try to get a table situated in the middle not too far or too close from the pool. Too far is too far and one will not enjoy looking at the dancing water from very far while Too close can be a little bit annoying because of all the water and splashes combined the smoke and fire. So perfect place is right in the middle; not too far not too close.

You will not miss the place of the water show; it is next to McDonalds in Protaras. Also, inside, you will find a nice restaurant which offers food and drink.

The hotel you are staying at can provide you with information about the show schedule, and the necessary phone numbers for reservations.

My recommendation: 10/10 worth seeing.


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