Weddings in Cyprus


Marriages in Cyprus are legally recognized worldwide including in the UK, Ireland, Russia, Europe, Israel and N. America & most other countries.

Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite (Greek Goddess of love), also offers a perfect backdrop for couples wishing to marry. Convenient marriage laws and spectacular wedding locations make Cyprus a truly great destination for your wedding.

The right area for you can give the right flavour to your wedding. Ayia Napa, Larnaka, Lemesos (Limassol), Polis, Paralimni and Paphos are the most popular areas in which to marry.

There are numerous Cyprus wedding options available from civil ceremonies within the grounds of your hotel to church weddings in various locations in Cyprus

Church blessings in Cyprus can be arranged if you are already married, or we can also arrange for a religious blessing in your hotel.

Renewal of wedding vows is very popular in Cyprus for couples wishing to re-affirm their commitment to one another, and the same procedures as that of church weddings is to be followed.

UK residents wishing to marry in Cyprus have two options available:

In Cyprus there is an option of two types of ceremony, civil and church ceremony. If you wish to you can have both. There are perfectly legal and recognized worldwide, including UK, Ireland, Europe, Russia, Israel and North America. Your Cypriot marriage certificate is presented to you after the ceremony and is a legally binding document. If at any time you misplace your certificate you can obtain a duplicate from the town hall that performed the wedding.

All wedding times vary according to the Marriage Officer diary that is why you need to contact him first at the Town Hall. Both ceremony and venue for your marriage need to be booked well in advance too. Two witnesses are usually required for both the ceremonies in accordance with Cyprus law. In addition your hotel must be located in the same town in which your marriage will take place. This, however, applies to the Greek side of Cyprus.

Civil Ceremony

Couples wishing to have a Civil Ceremony need to apply in person to the Marriage Officer of the Municipality or Town Hall in the place where they intend to marry, on their arrival in Cyprus, in order to satisfy the necessary requirements prior to their marriage. The ceremony will be performed in English.

The number of documents required to marry may vary from one Registry to the next so it is vital that you seek clarification on exactly what documents are needed.

Religious Ceremony

Couples wishing to have a religious ceremony can either have an Anglican or Catholic Wedding Ceremony, both of which will be conducted in English.

Couples are also required to visit the Marriage Officer of the Municipality or Town Hall in the place where they intend to marry, on their arrival in Cyprus in order to satisfy the necessary requirements prior to their marriage but the religious ceremony can be held in a church.

To have an Anglican ceremony at least one of the bride and groom will need to provide a Baptism Certificate.  To have a Catholic ceremony both the bride and groom require a Baptism Certificate.

For more information you should consult with the minister at the local parish you intend to marry, to find out what other arrangements need to be made.

Residency Stay

There is a minimum residency stay of three clear working days prior to your wedding day.

A 3-day stay is only applicable to couples that have applied to the Marriage Officer for a Special License. If you do not apply for the Special Licence and choose to apply for a Normal License then your marriage cannot be celebrated until 15 clear days after you submit your Notice of marriage.

Wedding License Fees

Special License – CY£165.00

Normal License – CY£75.00

If you choose to marry outside the Town Hall, in another location such as your hotel, you may incur additional fees. Contact the local  Municipality or Town Hall, and the venue where you intend to marry, for further information.

Basic Documentation

The basic documents needed include:

A valid 10-year passport (not due to expire within the next six months).

An full birth certificate.

An affidavits / statutory declaration confirming single status also know as a Certificate of Celibacy, stamped and signed by a solicitor.

Decree Absolute (the final divorce paper, if applicable), and if Catholic, a copy of the marriage annulment.

Death Certificate (if you are a widow or widower).

Change of Name Deed (required if you have changed your name), stamped and signed by a solicitor.

Adoption certificate (if you have been adopted).

Written consent from your parents or guardians (if either of you are under 18 years of age), stamped and signed by a solicitor.

You should give yourself plenty of time to organise your documents particularly if you are sending them through the post. Remember also to allow time for your marriage Banns to be posted in your local church or Town Hall prior to your wedding day.

Marriage Certificate

After the wedding ceremony the couple will be give a Certificate of Marriage by the Marriage Officer. If the couple require additional certified copies they can be obtained at a cost of CY£8.00 from the Marriage Officer or the Ministry of Interior.

In accordance with Cypriot Law the Marriage Officer will forward a certified copy of the couples Marriage Certificate to the Embassy or the Consulate of the UK, in Cyprus.

Wedding and hotel arrangements

What you need to be aware of is to make the date of your wedding and reservation of a chosen hotel where the wedding will be held. For better availability it is recommended to book the hotel well in advance. Check the capacity of the hotel and inquire about special offers for the wedding couples.

Most of the hotels provide you with the facilities for your wedding. You can choose from the large reception venues with the swimming pool in the middle, flowery gardens, restaurants or sandy beaches within the hotel ground. It is up to you if you decide whether to have your wedding reception outside or inside the hotel. Also make sure to check if the hotel can arrange the wedding reception for the number of people you expect to be present. Inquire about the catering service for the wedding day, and discuss the meal served with the personnel of the hotel, including candlelit dinner, wedding cakes and tarts. Agree on the music as well as the decoration of the tables, floral design and decoration of the whole reception venue.

The most practical solution to have your religious ceremony (if you wish for that) is to select from the chapels each belonging to the hotel complex. In this case you have to contact the local priest for the arrangement of your church ceremony.

Hotels you choose from can fully enable the accommodation and transportation for you and your wedding guests. There are also special offers for the wedding couples, like room upgrade, room decoration with the flowers, serving wine and fruit or breakfast served the morning after the wedding.

Do not forget to contact your wedding agent to arrange your wedding dress, hair and make-up stylist, as well as the photographer, video arrangement, wedding rings, and the wedding invitation. Most of all do not forget to book a honeymoon cruise to see the Egyptian pyramids, visit Holy Land, or reach the Greek islands!

Many people spend there entire lives dreaming and planning their perfect wedding. It’s nice to know that there are companies out there that can take those dreams that have seemed so far fetched and make them into reality. There are such wedding companies in Cyprus, and we hope that they will work to make you wedding the most memorable of occasions.

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